JOE Campbell: Trials riders Vs. Aliens

nice trial vid, music would have been a + :smiley:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. . .you totally left that last rock hop unchallenged. Slacker. :wink:

A dissapointing lack of aliens :frowning:

Joe has lack of hair?

What the hell Joe :stuck_out_tongue: get off my vimeo !! i changed the password but i dont think it will do anything cause youre already signed in…Enjoyed the video though,keep riding :sunglasses:

Why did you let the aliens win Joe!?
Nice riding BTW.

This only proves that if it were easy, they’d call it a bike, and that joe is not human.

i think its easier to learn uni trials than bike trials from personal experience.Bikes are twice as heavy,theres alot more to think about when doing certain moves and you dont have any arms free when jumping

Oh how fun the world must be with hops that high