JOB POSTING - Seattle, Wa! Need Skilled Unicyclist to Perform 20K Person Event Oct 26


My name is Vienna Street. I am a representative of a group called Super Geek League and we handle booking all non-DJ performers for USC massives in the PNW. These massives are essentially 20-30K person dance parties and we pride ourselves on pulling local talent and creating wonderous spectacles for the guests of these events.

That said…

I’m scouting extreme/theatrical/skilled unicyclists to preform mainstage at Seattle largest indoor party of the year, Freaknight held at WAMU theatre on Oct 26th! Must have no stage fright, juggling/trick-ability are a PLUS, and we provide a costume and pay! The costume will be of the steampunk variety.

I am looking for people who want to cease the opportunity, it will be quite exciting I assure you :slight_smile:

I would like an audition video of you unicycling it up, the more tricks the merrier. And if that all goes well, I send you off to my boss whereby you discuss in more detail the demands of the job and compensation.

Thank you for reading and please do consider this. We hope to ultimately get 2-4 skilled unicyclist on board for the job. :slight_smile:

I’m sending this to the top of the board for more eyes to hopefully see! :slight_smile:

Here is a link that shows a pic of what you can expect the crowd will look like from your point of view:


you have to click the link for it to display

Sending to the top! :smiley:


We have a group of riders that are interested, just gotta get a video together.

I see you want 2-4 riders, how long of a performance?