Joachim Ciocca freestyle show

Just found this video of Joachim Ciocca and it is really awesome worth watching all 7 minutes!!

Yay! Hahaha :slight_smile: This is Joachim Ciocca he just finished the National School of Montréal a few weeks ago.

This is his ‘final exam’ act he did april 23rd of this year. I have to say this is so much better to watch live, as any circus performance, Joachim has a really intense stage presence.

P.S.1. My fellow classmate will be doing his act in the end of the year show of the National Circus School of Montréal from May 30th to June 12th, for more info, PM me.

P.S.2. I just edited his promo video of his unicycling act, I will upload shortly.

I generally get bored watching freestyle, but the performance and professional-ness made it awesome!


That backwards wheel walk at 4:15 was incredible!!

Really enjoyed this vid and wouldn’t mind seeing him live :slight_smile:

The most incredible part is when you are the one being watched from the stand still to when he crosses his arms over his face! :stuck_out_tongue: You can’t tell he was watching someone but he was watching someone in the first row probably. I can say it’s pretty weird but awesome at the same time to be the one who’s being watched (I watched him reherse alot haha)

You are sooo lucky Emile :slight_smile:

DOH! I can’t view it! I’ll try another computer later. :roll_eyes:

truly the best freestyle i´ve ever seen.

Awesome video! The body position at 5:10 is fantastic. I wonder if it’s possible to idle like that. I haven’t made much progress at trying to idle with my hands straight up (for juggling clubs overhead). Standing on the crown is always amazing.

I think that’s actually a lace walk. I suspect backwards wheel walk is easier (I tried yesterday for the first time and got two pushes).

My favorite freestyle video is: