Jo£ hodges-142cm sidehop

he got it quite awhile back but he uploaded some proof.

:astonished: :astonished:

hahaha i remember that day

nice but when you set a new record, a mesuring tape is nice…

Really old but still so sick. I really wonder if he, Mark, or Max will reach 150 sometime soon.

I think it will take them till xmas to get 150.But they will

Thats respectable.:smiley:

That’s pretty high, I guess.

To put this into perspective, the average height of an indonesian woman is 147 cm. Not that I’m suggesting he try.


According to this chart:
The Guatemalan (Maya people) average woman is 142.2 cm
So, I’d start there before trying to impressive the indonesian chicks.

Remember: Nothing says douche bag like a pedal to the forehead.

wow this reminds me a lot of somthing very similar, except it was a knee rather than a forehead. i wonder if he will c this