Jim Cielencki pedal wobble

In an attempt to solve earlier issues with my pedals ripping the threads out of my crank arms I bought Nimbus X cranks and Jim Cielencki pedals. The combo seemed very solid for a while until the other day when my left pedal started to wobble a bit. The pedal is as tight as it can be in the crank…I’ve tried tightening it again, but there’s still a slight wobble.

A kid at the bike shop said not to worry about it after he tried tightening them, but I’m not so sure. After spending $40 on pedals, I think they should be as solid as can be. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? Or should I just not worry about it as long as they’re snug in the crank arm?

unless you have sealed bearing pedals, don’t worry. it’s probably just the play in your bearings.

How do I know if I have sealed bearing pedals? The box is far away from me…I suppose it would say on there.

use your hand and find out where it wobbles
if it’s at the connection between the pedal and crank: bad
but if it’s just the pedal body moving slightly on the axle (bearing play), then don’t worry about it, my snafus do that too

if your pedal has a little grey plastic cap on the end, they’re unsealed.

if the cap is metal, with an allen hex hole in it, they’re sealed.

That or you can tell by the price. $40 unsealed $60 sealed.