Jetty Rocks

Down by the Venice breakwater there is a big line of jetty rocks on which I’ve been practicing doing natural trials on my Muni–basically gapping rock to rock. The sand is high, and has filled in between the jagged rocks, so the falls are usually not bad. Because the rocks are at radically odd angles and often super rounded, I have to change orientations in mid air so as to land dead sideways on the slope, so to speak, or I can’t stick the still stand and set up to make the next gap. Gapping more than about 8 or 10 rocks at a time is totally exhausting–like tongue out gasping. This whole thing reminds me of when I was first starting to rock climb, and didn’t know how to read the terrain.

Anyone familiar with this kind of work, kindly lay out a few pointers.



Re: Jetty Rocks

Quit Smoking … :smiley:
J/K … I get exhausted easily in the winter/spring, due to lack of ‘structured’ exersise. IE: 3 or 4 times a week.
(Plus I’m real old :D)

Patiently waiting for better weather here …

I consider myself to be in pretty decent shape. Yesterday I was surprised to wake up the day after a 16 mile muni ride with a 6 mile nonstop climb to tind that I wasn’t sore. With that in mind, I ride natty trials, and I too find that after about 8-10 gaps, I’m exhausted. It’s great fun, though. For pure natty, you can generally get by with a higher tire pressure. Also, try landing in alternate pedsal positions, rather than just pure lateral. For the energy thing, you really have to get good at stillstands, and slowing down your hops. You will find your endurance will greatly improve.