JET Article

This month I was in a national youth magazine, it has an article about me and unicycling. I’ll attach a smaller version, but the full size one can be found here. doesn’t like people linking directly to a jpg or other file on their server. If they allowed that then people could host images and other files there and abuse their bandwidth.

A way around that is to first visit:
Then copy and paste the following link into the open browser

That way they see that you’re coming from their site rather than some random site that’s trying to abuse the free bandwidth.

A better solution would be to put a link to the JPG in your gallery there or some other place that is convenient.

Yeah its going to be up on my site in the next few days.

Sweet article, I love to see stuff to help change the overall image of unicyclists. It bugs me when people say unicyclers. That’s not a real word is it? I’m not even an english major, what do I know…

Yeah sorry that was me…I think the question was “what’s the biggest misconception about unicyclers” so without thinking I used the word that was used in the question (unicyclers) instead of unicyclists.

I have now added the article to my website. So you can view the large readable version at - on the Gallery page.

hey nice article veeby! too bad they didn’t use both of us though lol :slight_smile: