Jerrick, Phil and Jackie

That was some quality riding and very funny.
The beginning made me laugh, even though you were bagging my fellow noobs :wink:
Great vid
Epic as someone said before

Works OK for me in the UK… not that that really helps you.

Very entertaining film (as long as the sound is muted)

Did the crash into that landing ramp not cause any injury? Looked nasty :astonished:


You guys kick my unicycling butt. That was great, butHow about helmets? I’d like to see you guys still riding at Terry’s age.

You don’t like Ordinary Peoples!? Wow… hehe.
I had swell on my side a bit smaller than an (american) football and I had a bit of internal bleeding but everything’s cool now.

Thanks for the nice comments everyone. We apreciates them. :slight_smile:

Haha, they will be. And I’d like to see myself still riding in 20 years! :smiley: What I wonder though is how far uni technology can progress from where it is now? Will it be as dramatic as it was from the unis I rode in the mid-'60’s, to what they are now? Cottered to splined, heavy steel to aircraft strentgh aluminum, saddle that could break your fingers to air seats and fusion free rides? Oh, the possibilties!

i was in this video HAHAHAH…

well i can bet you that me and jerrick will be riding still… but its not looking so good for jackie :smiley:

At some point someone will figure out how to make and build a functional full suspension Muni (hopefully w/in ~10 yrs. There’s a thread on hear w/ several different designs w/ some potential IMO.

That could make a large leap forward.

Also more gears and easier, more consistent shifting, less $, & less weight.

Literally! But I will probably always prefer 1:1 ratio with only the high volume tire and my legs as “shock absorbers” and to power my jumps/drops . I wonder if gears, shocks, and other things meant to make riding easier will kind of defeat, or at least “blur” the original purpose of riding a uni/MUni. At least for me. I’m all for improvements, but not to the point that it’s like trying to reinvent the wheel, lol! Mine’s not “broke”, so there’s no need to “fix” it. :o

Damn those ""ers, eh?


Same thing for me. I can watch Jackies other vids, but not this one…

That’s weird… I have no clue why… I tried to email the video to Ivan but it’s about 35 mbs and I can only email 16.


I’m naming my unicycling shop “the dead goat” in honor of you, Jackie!:slight_smile: