Jerrick, Phil and Jackie

So we started filming this a couple months ago. We did it in two sessions. One trials/street ride and one muni sess. I also threw in some stuff that I shot in my yard (getting tired of that yet?). I finished editing (quite shodily) yesterday morning. There’s nothing impressive except maybe for Jerrick flipping a set with a hella flexing saddle… :stuck_out_tongue:
Other than that it’s just chilling out and fun riding.

That was really well made, I laughed quite a bit. Your lucky to have so many good riders near you. The rolling 360 unispins and the 180 no footer on steroids were ace.

lawl i lykd tht viddy, kewl lolz!

Ah, great vid.

I loved the beginning were you all sucked lol and spelled your names wrong. I burst out laughing in the middle of chemistry class lol.

Haha I loved the opening and I laughed non-stop! Great riding after also!:slight_smile:

That was fun to watch. Those 3spin drops are insane jackie. Keep those coming.

Wow that was hilarious.

“Is that a no?”

Sweet muni. And he 3 spins off the drops were awesome. It’s funny how you have to start switch because the pallet isn’t long enough lol.

haha awesome, yea the rolling 3spin drops were nice, how can you keep the cranks level :astonished:

Made me laugh too, riding down thos signs haha

I wasnt the only one that thought the first part was genuine was I? :o

Great vid.

Best part, Jerrick’s feet.


Good video. I enjoyed watching it.

Haha, id like to thank Madison for inspiring me to run into stairs. Jackie for being nervous and allowing me enough time to be creative with the filming. Throats for being able to make weird sounds, seat that wont snap and just bend, and bend, and bend until the metal holding the screws is touching the seatpost, god, satan, kittens, hobos, and bitsized pie snacks.


this music is used in too much videos… and good movie!

Bahahaha! the intro was extremely funny because I realized Jerrick was making fun of me on the stair part and I’ve ridden with all of those guys before and know they are WAY better than that. Great video, made me laugh the whole time, and I was still amazing by the riding.

What music? I haven’t seen any videos lately with Ordinary peoples in them… then again I haven’t watched many videos recently.

I love it. Jackie haha. Manly scream you’ve got going there.

Wow…The 3spin drops blew me mind!

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