jerk skaters

today i headed over to the local skate park for some street riding. I was immediatly greeted by one person who came right out and said: “i will never have respect for you guys”. I was like “well isn’t that nice!” and laughed a bit, then started to ride.

My plastic pedal was a complete bust on the flat grind boxes, so i resorted back to metal. I did some lines that i’m positive no one had ever thought of before on a skateboard, as well as “the handrail!” dadada… i nailed it every time exept twice. it was nice. no one else tried it. i also rode along “the handrail!” why i quote the handrail is because it was pretty pathetic. It was beside the 6-set, and only about 2 feet off the ground, and about 2.5 " wide.

when a little 8 year-old asked i the guy who was being such a jerk, if he could do the handrail, he said yeah, but didn’t want to… for some reason… anyways. I did some good stuff, one of the guys came up and had a nice chat with me, but i still didn’t feel very welcome. i wonder what i have to do to get some respect… there was a flow line i was eyeing. 10 foot drop to one side, a wooden handrail type barrier on the edge of the quarter pipe. i think i might try the 10 footer. hmmmm

anyways, has anyone else had similar experiences? because they suck! i’m going to go back tommorow probably, if i d’ont go to get my unicycle fixed, but that’s another story.


yup… and its not just skaters… pedestrians, BMXers, freeryders, and dumbass hicks in trucks

Re: jerk skaters

Just be a good person, and you’ll be worthy of respect. You don’t have to like everyone else in the park, and they don’t have to like you.

actually come to think of it, they were kind of a mix, some skaters some BMXers, but i just classify them all as skaters
Thanks, i think i’m quite worthy of respect :smiley:



I was riding along, minding my own business, and this college kid walking along with his girlfriend said, “why are you rding a unicycle?” My friend said it was fun and the he replied, "looks like your struggling with it, (snicker snicker)
i thought, “looks like your struggling to impress your girlfriend”
he was just jealous

skaters? jerks? huh

Normally I find skaters to be really cool and accepting of unicycling. When I ride a big set of stairs or something most of the time people are way cool about it. Yeah they think Im crazy, but they think its cool too. I have meet quite a few cool riders like this. I think I have gotten maybe 4 comments out of tons of skaters and bmxers even a few downhill guys.

Maybe its because alot of my friends are skaters/bmxers and I enjoy alot of the same stuff as thoes guys do.

Be nice to the skaters and they are usually nice to you and show you respect for doing stuff that they know is hard.

Also I have never once gotten a wheres your other wheel from any skater or bmxer.


I dont think the problem is skaters being jerks. The problem is that people, in general, can be jerks. There are good and bad people in every group. The trick is to shrug off the jerk’s comments and remember how hard you rock. It would be hard for them not to be impressed by your skill Ryan. I know I am.

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PS Don’t hurt yourself trying to get their respect. They don’t deserve it.

Please take your camera with you! :slight_smile:


and quite often they are unintentionally jerky
people feel ‘threatened’ by anything outside of their comfort zone and reacting in a negative way to it at first may simply be an initial defensive reaction, they didn’t mean to offend u, they just didn’t think about the way their comment would sound to u
if this makes people sound like a bunch of dumbass idiots, then welcome to planet earth
dont take offence, do your thing and u may very well find some of the original idiots will come back with sensible questions or positive comments
dont let their initial knee-jerk reaction put u off


There are quite a few skaters out my way , and were there was a meeting held for the building of the skateboard park ( were , when , how much $ ) anyway, Some were in the meeting bmxers and other bicyclists were brought up somwere . Before i could say anything about me ( and unicycing ) somebody else opened there big mouth , but it was all good,

" Bicyclist’s ?!@# I think we have to be worried about unicyclist’s a little bit more ! , there are more freakin unicyclists in thyis community then there are bmxer’s ."

So i found this quite funny and unicyclists are allowed to come to the skate park :smiley:

Re: Re: jerk skaters

Good advice.

And how much do you need the respect of someone whose first reaction was to treat you with disrespect for no good reason?

You can’t make someone respect you and you certainly should ask for respect, or go out of your way to get it from them. Respect yourself. Respect other people as far as they deserve it, and don’t go out of your way to ‘disrespect’ anyone.

These bad reactions to you could come from tribalism (you are not in their skaters’ tribe), territorialism, insecurity (are your actions making them insecure in their own status in their group?) or just plain rudeness. People are only talking animals - and talking’s a struggle for some young males.

You may be contributing to the problem by the way you react. If you are deliberately ‘showing them what you can do’, or avoiding speaking to them and ‘letting your riding do the talking’ then this is confrontational behaviour, on your part - even if it is natural and forgiveable. :0)

The world is not how we’d like it to be. Change what you can change, accept what you can’t change.

Good luck.:slight_smile: