Jelly Knees! (ICU. Just)

Thanks Dennis

 I can Unicycle (just) the ongoing story part 2

 Yesterday (Sunday 30 Oct) I managed to Unicycle continuously up and down a
 five-a-side soccer pitch 4 times ,only turning when balked by the wire
 fence,turning that is by grabbing the fence and rotating on the spot, this
 was the culmination of a good hour and a half of (on and Off) uniing (is
 there such a word). I was experimenting with turning and discovered at the
 point when I could really have done with a bit of leg power to get me
 upright that I had suddenly developed Jelly Knees and fell sideways on the
 uni a bit like the character on the tricycle in "Laugh-in" ...clonk! No
 harm done thanks to the body armour I had prudently put on before hand (and
 knees and elbows ;-) ) This is brill, I just wish I was out there now,
 (uniing, not falling off that is) Also last night, on the opposite extreme
 from 70 year old colonels learning to uni, there was a little girl (ten or
 thereabouts) who had been given a Uni ONE WEEK ago who was pedalling around
 like a good 'un (sigh) Still never say Dai as they say in Wales (ethnic
 joke there :-) ) I shall press on relentless... soon.

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