Jeff's Movie: Street Freestyle

I just finished making my video. It was filmed this week, and a few clips are from a while ago (January-February) i think. I’m not sure why i called it Street Freestyle, but its got pretty much every type of riding in it except Muni. Tell me what you think. Enjoy:

Street Freestyle Big (61.4 mb)

EDIT: I’ll upload a smaller version for dial up users in a sec.

:wink: I have dsl, so it may take like 30mins to download it, but after that ill tell ya what i think about it =p it should be good

alright here is the SMALLER version. hope either version doesnt take too long to download.

Link to Video (14.9 mb)

Dling Now

Ohhh now you tell me there is a smaller version. is running slow tonight:P

OMG!!! i loved that video!, i got it saved to my desktop now =p you got some great stuff in there, plus i liked the songs, keep up the good riding and that SIBWW will come really quickly =p

That’s a MASSIVE arsenal of skills for a little guy! How long have you been riding?

In terms of critiquing it look like your trials skills aren’t as strong as your flatlands, a pretty good example of this would be where you jump into a standup ww, transition down into 1ft ww and then back to normal riding, but then before you do some seat out 1footed riding you seem to find it necessary to take 5 hops to turn around 180…

I reckon more big gaps and big stuff would make you a more versatile rider, but then again maybe if you just concentrate on flatlands you could just keep getting better at that, sup to you. :slight_smile:

Sweet freestyle!

very impressing

Wow…I haven’t seen man videos, but thats the most impressive freestyle stuff I’ve seen besides Defect…props to you

Since late May 05. So thats 10-11 months or so.

yeah, i ride more freestyle/flatland than trials. I like doing crankflip stuff though (street). I’m not sure why i did 5 hops there, i could of just pulled the seat out, but sometimes it can be hard to get out since its pretty high. There wasn’t too many big gaps or anything in there, well except maybe the crankflip off the 2nd bleacher thing and the 6 stair, but thats probably it.

Thanks for the comments so far everyone.:slight_smile:

weay sweet . you gotten so much better since mondo. good job

that was a SUPERB video. i loved the riding. thats very very good for a 10 month rider. keep it up!

p.s. i suck at freestyle-i respect freestylers alot

that was a good movie, you’re a really good rider.
I was impressed that you were trying the Smiley Walk, that looks really hard!!
I think you might want to think about wearing a helmet though ( :

That was really awesome. I am so jealous of your hickflip! The seat on side stand up coasting looks crazily hard too.

what kind of bc plates were those …the looked enormous

thatwas great

I watched your movie then went outside and I mounted right into standup ww then I did a stand up ww/glide for like 6-7 revs down my street! I have alot of more things I want to learn now that you did in your movie;)

Oh and he has Bedford pro BC plates.

That was really cool, its been too long since I saw some good freestyle.

I particularly enjoyed the seat in front one foot riding, I have been doing that for a couple weeks now but I don’t think I have ever seen anyone else do it (although I can’t put my foot onto the frame or go for as long) and that seat in back wheelwalk was awesome, it was almost like a wheelwalk on an ultimate wheel that everyone has been wondering if its possible.

BC off the picnic table. That part was cool!!! :sunglasses: