Jeff & Spencer: A Short Video

Hey Spencer and I put together a short video. Pretty much all of the clips were filmed today (or 3 days ago for spencer), so it’s nothing serious or anything. We didn’t plan ahead on making it, more of just a spur of the moment. I think its 17-18mb.

Gallery Link: HERE
Gallery Download Link: HERE

Did you visit spencer in CA, or did he visit you in IL? Or did you just make a vid from both locations? :thinking:

I just sent him a few clips. My clips are in my front yard and his are in his basement.

Intersting. You don’t have editing software, or just wanted to combine your stuff with his? Just curious.:slight_smile:

That was sweet, thanks for making that… Nice donkey trcks. haha.

I don’t know how anyone can ride inside like that… It bothers me.

I like your falls Spencer… Is that a Try-all tire? What do you think of it for street?

Well I had some clips and I was talking to Jeff and he said he filmed a few things. He said he would probably make a really short movie so I said we should make one together. 10 minutes later here it is;) It took a little longer than that but you get the point.

Haha, thanks…I am good at falling. I think thats the tryall tire in the clips when I hop up the box, those clips are older than everything else. I dont really know much about how a normal tryall tire would be because I got that one used and it had practically no more tread on it. Most of the tire was completely smooth. I am riding a CC in the rest of it and I like that better.

I liked the vid! I just hope I live long enough to get some of those tricks down!:smiley: :sunglasses: :):o

nice vid. i think that jeff should film outside tho, i havnt seen anything that wasnt shot in his basement thus far (im not saying i have seen all his vids).

music by Rush. Nice!

ha yeah, I would film outside if i could, but it just snowed another 4 inches yesterday (we already had 2-3), and the temperature yesterday was around 3ºF (on Monday it was -9ºF). Not my favorite riding weather. Although sometimes i’ll ride on my porch (if no snow gets on it), but half of it had snow on it, and it was already starting to get dark out by the time i started filming (around 5:30pm) yesterday.

Ya, I love Rush.

sweet yall are realyl good. spence that fall looked like it was just so quick you didnt even have time to like prepare for impact. i saw your foot got like caught so ya must have hurt. and you cut your hair? man. but yea youre both really amazing. jeff i loved like the 360 unispin off one foot on the opposite crank there. that got a name? and dude spence, like…let me know…i really want to know where you get your girl pants. i can never find any decent ones so im like…jealous.

Hah, I got those pants at some department store in the mall, I don’t remember which one. I just got them because they were really really cheap so I have like 5 pairs of them or something. They aren’t usually that tight but my shin guards make them tighter.

I didn’t get too hurt falling off that box. I mean it did hurt a lot and I was done riding after that but nothing serious. It scared me mostly because I was really not expecting that. I was riding 110mm cranks when I was hopping up the box so it is really easy to slip out.

Oh and yeah I cut my hair a while ago, it was getting to be a pain.

Haha, it was around 80º here a couple days ago.

great vid guys.
jeff i love ur basement riding haha jk
i liked your wrap around tricks to. very nice

i like your one handed 360 unispin, spencer, nice to see when you just let go of your uni.


the jeff’s 360 unispin one handed sit in to in was really cool too!
i cant see how to spin 360 with only one hand hehe

I just hold the handle normally with a strong grip and spin it hard then let it go and catch it when it comes back around. I am going to learn the 360s to and from seat in one handed, I think it looks cool that way.