Jeff Groves, Unicycles for South America!

I was emailing Jeff Groves the other day about CUF stuff and he mentioned to me that he has noticed in his trip to South America, that Unicycling is not really being very well exposed down south. he has seen a few people on Uni’s and has riden with them in the hopes of peaking some interest but the lack of places to get equipment and unicycles is very limited and so the sport really seems to be stuck.

He is trying to start a campaign to get money and equipment together to ship down to people there and he is looking into getting the IUF involved as well, but for now, here are some picks from Jeff’s visit to Columbia. They are huge, so some one better at the computer thing can repost them, but I couldn’t get them any smaller than this.

Stay tuned for info on the Unicycles for South America Campaign!

Jeff has added his own Gallery that he will be adding pictures to remotely. Here is the link,


in brazil we are in many unicyclist… but lack of equipaments dont let the sport progress here

I already talked with all the brands, kh, quax1, koxx

and no1 shows interests in come to brazil or south america.

its sad

I dont know if there is some unicycling moviment on other places of south america.

People really wants to be part of this , but when you say that a unicycle for trials/muni would cost like 800 usdolar ( uni + shiping ) they all get unmotived.

Here if you want to buy a unicycle you need to know someone who is going to usa and give money to him bring a uni.

My uni is almost on his end and i dont know if i will get money to have another this year, this is sad because on my city i am the only who is getting the sport to the extreme around here.

I started a unicycle meeting here but is hard to get people… me and another guy are the only who got good unicycles… the others peoples got homemades unicycle… and for god… its impossible to get good on that things.

Iam really happy that you guys are looking for us down here.
I was nearly to give up on my efforts to unicycling become real here!

And i really thing that the pros who come to South america should visit Brazil too.

This message can look a little dramatic but its the real situation down here. Sad but its the true… Brazil on the unicycling scheme is something apart.


sorry for the english :slight_smile:

there`s something that bugs me:

Kris Holm came here and didnt visit Brazil. Jeff Groves went to Colombia and didnt show up in Brazil!

Hey guys! Brazil is a fantastic place to ride! We are the only south american guys I`ve heard struggling to make extreme unicycling go somewhere here.
(or at least making it a sport and not only a circus number).

People in Brazil are really up for extreme sports and (why havent you guiy ever thought about it?) Im sure a great selling market.

Look down here!!

Kris travels alot for work; a little for play. He was in Argentina for work last time. Now he’s in Alaska.

I was lucky enough to ride with Jeff a year ago…

Hope it goes well.
Many of us travel, but dont hook up and ride. How can we make it easier to know who to contact?

My family is from Venezuela and I have a house down there and like many So American countries, by and large there simply isn’t the money floating around for $400 unicycles. These are soccer cultures (Venezuela is really a baseball culture) with extreme sports where it was in the US say, in the 60s or early 70s. And tking a uni to Colombia won’t accomplish much if expanding the sport is your aim.


Jeff is still there and I am pretty sure that he will be visiting Brazilo before his trip is over. Once he gets back to Canada, we can sort out getting some equipment into South America.

unfortunetly this time i won´t be going to brazil. money and time just doent allow it. so far the coutnries i have been to are colombia (which has the nicest and most generous people i have met) and venezula for a few days to go to a bull fighting festival in San Cristobol. and after colombia I´m off to peru and maybe boliva. but i am coming back to this wonderful contenient - and i will do my best to check out brazil along with some of the other countries i have missed this time.

any ways i have added a bunch more photos for those who are interested. most are unicycling related but there are that have nothing to do with unicycling i just like.


My cousin lives in Bogata, Colombia! I doubt you saw him though. But he does rid a uni.

hey tim bob

could you please please give me his email address or some way i might be able to get in touch with him - and email or phione number. I sent you a PM but am not sure if you check them.

Thanks jeff