Jeff Groves in the news - huge jump picture on a BC Wheel

Here is the link to a recently released story on unicycling.

Great picture of Jeff doing a huge leap over a bench on a BC wheel.

Check it out…

Scroll down to the link at the bottom of the page.


Oh, nice! Any idea how high it is?

cool ya how high was that

Crap, thats huge. Question is, Did he land it?

Thats really cool, glad to see you and other Canadians are getting some press. Does Jeff go to UVic? I thought he was in Toronto, but I guess I’m wrong.

Too bad they didn’t give a link to bedford unicycles or something of the sort though. Would have been some nice puclicity.

The jump look to be about 30-40 inches by looking at his wheel size.

I’d guess a bit bigger, especially seeing as the bottom of the bench isn’t flush with the take-off surface.

Great article for the sport!

Can someone screen shoot it before it’s gone, I can’t seem to find it.

Are they speaking of jeff ???

here is the direct link:

WoW, that’s a great article that covers the sport as it is and doesn’t comment some ‘crap’ about it.

Ride On

Nice, thats a huge hop.

Here is the picture in case the link ever dies or something.


Yeah, I was really surprised about that, too. Hopefully this’ll be a trend of the future, as the sport continues to grow and mature.

Yep. It took him a few tries, but it was most definitely landed. There’s video footage of that day somewhere, I’m not sure where.


As sean said he did land it. i got it on camera and i will be putting it into jeff’s section of my DVD video that will be released may or so. It will be called Unibreated. so keep an eye out people!

Addtionally i would like to add that jeff did things that were crazier then this that same day all caught on video.

Not to mention the huge stuff we caught at Loch side.


That’s awesome! Now everyone should go grab a BC Wheel!

I think what’s sad is that non-unicyclists would probably think that he’s just hopping with a regular uni from the pics…