Jeff Groves' BC Wheel Highjump!

Hey all, Jeff’s back in town! And with that is me smacking myself in the head for not bringing my pads (to try out his Bedford Trials BC wheel) and again for not charging the battaries on my camera, meaning I only could get two shots (sets of shots actually) of the actual highjump being done.

This was nuts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jeff cleared 2 feet on the first set of pictures, and something similar (I guessed at 1.5ft) on the second.

Here’s the pictures (hopefully this works, and you click on the picture to see the full set! hopefully!!!):

First set of pics

Second set of pics

That’s incredible! Thanks for sharing, and that photo link you did was pretty cool too. :slight_smile:


That’s not incredible…that’s impossible.

Darren Bedford was making talks about having this become an offical event. Personally I’m miffed that I was watching this, while I can’t even get 2ft over on a unicycle!

Very, very impressive! Can anyone else do extreme stuff on a bc wheel? I tried riding one at TOque, it seems impossible even to stay up on one! It looks like to me that Canadian’s are leading the revolution in one-wheel extreme trials. We’ve got Kris, Ryan, and now Jeff on his BC wheel!

Thanks for sharing the photos.


That camera and your picture taking ability is amazing !

It was awesome watching Jeff last night at the club. So glad he is back for the summer.

Jeff is going where no man has gone before on a BC wheel !!! Killer stuff !!!

Impossible wheel !!! Not any longer…
thanks to Jeff. Jeff’s the man !

One very proud BC wheel builder,

Wow, those jumps are awesome. Rolling hops, I presume? :smiley:

I don’t know if the world is ready (yet) for a competition of this. It’s one of those things with a fairly high cost of failure. In other words, spectacular dismounts with wheels shooting around and people landing on their elbows and butts. I’d wait until there are a few more proficient people doing it…

Now I will wait for Jeff to wheel walk the sucker.

Hmmm. Actually, with the right kind of foot supports, you could probably do one-footed stuff on one. Like gliding, or pushing off as on a skateboard.

Actually, Every time I watch Jeff start off on the BC wheel he’s pushing off on it like a skateboard. I’ve never really seen him get on any other way!

Let’s not forget Brian MacSofa and his 36" ultimate wheeling…

Yes,in the short video clip of him jumping a sandwich board at toque,he pushes skateboard style to get it going.

The videos around here somwere…

I could match that hop!

I just need to get a BC wheel, anyone selling one?


I knew that…