Jeanbute's video


One of my friends just finish his first video. There is a lot of nice clips with a head cam and there is also some really good bails. It’s a compilation video with all his clips that he took during this summer/automn.

Hope you enjoy!

He is more a MUni rider than a trial rider, so watchout for his next video of all his clips of mountain unicyling. By the way, his last gliding clip was at 27,5km/h !

He is not a user so this is why I’m posting this for him.

That was a really nicely done video. Nice bails. Also, those were the oddest/coolest pedals I’ve ever seen.

Wicked video man. Enjoyed every minute.

liked it :smiley: was that yellow butterfly pedals? :thinking:

pretty cool! the pov helmet cam shots were ++++++++awesome!

Nice vid but too long. Should have been cut by half IMO.

I liked the ride up the sloped round rail, the high speed gliding, and the attempts of WW and 1 ft. up the ramped skinny.

Nice first person shots, but some were too long. Did he use a helmet cam? If not how did he keep it stedy?

Skill developement:
He should work on his still stands and reducing his hops.

They look like these but in yellow.