jcpenney uni

I also think the JC Penney uni is pretty good. It’s just cute! One of our
friends has one that we use in shows to contrast it with the 28" for all the
sizes of unis. I also rode it while juggling in a parade. It worked great
because it’s short enough that I can pick up dropped bean bags without
dismounting. :wink: Last night I discovered I can even wheel walk and one-foot wheel
walk it! On a 16" wheel!

Tammy :slight_smile:

> > I know I’ve said it before on this NG, but I like the JC Penny uni that they
> > have in their catalog for kids just learning to ride. Yes, it’s red, but it
> > actually has cranks and a real seat. For $40 it’s a good deal.
>Yes, this one falls into the “acceptable” category, with a three piece crank,
>ball bearings, and plastic bumpers on the seat. But it comes with training
>poles, which I consider a no-no. Unless the pole is tall enough to be higher
>than the rider’s head (it isn’t), there is a potential for impalement or other
>injury from the poles. If the rider falls and his/her head or mouth catches the
>top of the pole, it’s going to hurt.
>This uni has a mag wheel, which generally puts it in the category of small
>riders only. All the mag wheel unicycles I’m aware of have problems when you
>start doing any heavy riding or tricks on them.

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