jaw dropping

this makes me want to get back on my bmx, sorry but its pant poo’ing amazing

That’s freakin’ amazing!

i acutally didnt know it was possible to 540 a step-up, or grind backwards-up rails on a bmx.

honestly, its nuts.

Yeah, looks pretty crazy.

that is the best bmx video i have ever seen.

not only is this a fantasticlly good bmx video but also the guy who won we saw at the museum while we were riding last week and they were doing awesome things there, like that guy was barspinning over this caution tape that was like way high and another guy was like barspin over a gap to 360 on flat then a feeble grind to 180 barspin off then manuled along this whole block thing to a double bar spin off the end. the guys were insane!! so it was amazing to see this video of what they can do with a skate park!! :slight_smile:

wow I am completly impressed. I am excited to see the future of unicycling and how it will progress to where people will just “poo their pants over comps.” Thanks for posting this video.

My two favorite BMX videos:

Aaron Ross’s Part From Grounded

Aspire Team BMX

First one is so cool, he has got some video game riding :sunglasses:
Very impressed.

I allready have seen the second one, its also very good.

Peter M

I think this may be a reason why a large percentage of BMXers think that unicycling is gay. Just look at the stuff they can do.

(I’ve seen a front flip tail whip)

Sorry, but this is now twice you have displayed an interest in another sport on a unicycle forum, in a unicycle video forum.

Yes the bmxing is very good.

BMXing and skating are the forefathers of street uni. They should be viewed for inspiration!

Yes, they should - however hypocrisies aren’t good.

call me out if you have an issue with me james:), hah i didnt realize i displayed an interest in heely’ing, haahah. shouldnt you be out scootering?

and its true, this sport is highly influenced by bmx’ing and skateboarding. If anything videos like this will push the sport farther.

Nah mate not you, I’m talking about hypocrites.

Incidently I have just bought myself a moped, however it’s a bit late to be out riding on the road as I have work in the morning.

haha go on james call him out! it would be funny!
i wish i could watch those vids on my psp but it doesnt work


360 triple whip…

Yeah, we totally met that guy who won.

Awesome video.

man you have a moped? thats sick. i had a honda bws for about 7 months but i sold it so i could live while i go to school ahaha.

but there will be no 360 whips on it, well not yet anyway;)

If we don’t support them why should they support us? How many people on these forums have gone on a biking, skateboarding, or some other sport’s forums and posted stuff about unicycling? We don’t expect them to get mad at us for posting about unicycling, maybe we should show that same respect to them. Ever heard of the videos called Universe 1 or The One?

Does anyone else find unicycling videos boring after watching a good BMX or skateboarding vid? Kind of depressing…

The only way we can compete with bikes somewhat is with trials. Bikes may have the geometry to beat us with pure hop height, but Unis have the maneuverability.