Java on Mozilla

Just got back from BUC, with loads of pics.

To upload the pics, I will need to use the gallery remote, but when I put in the url ‘http:///’, or ‘’ it doesnt work.

What am I doing wrong?
what is the correct url?

On the ‘Add Pics’ box, i says I need to download a new remote, and also I am using Mozilla, so Java doesnt work - that is another thing I need to know how to fix!



This link should help your java problem.


apt-get install java

you don’t have apt-get?

Instructions on installing Java for Mozilla are available at:

Thanks guys, but none of them worked…

If there is anyone who is searching the forum who is having the same problem as me, please can I direct them in this direction

I must say thanks to Phil for finding that link for me - at 22.30 last night! Cheers,


Now that Java is working, on the Applet the white box doesnt appear saying install plugin, but nothing seems to appear.
It says at the top it will take a short while to download, but I left it for 20 min and still nothing (I am on broadband too).

What is wrong? Anyone?


ooops- It might have helped if Java was enabled on my browser! :stuck_out_tongue: