Jason Auld - Street Unicycling "I'm Not Impressed By Your Performance"

This is addressed to Unicyclists across the world,

I’ve not filmed a solo video for around 2 years so I thought it was about time I got my act together. Any fans of Street Unicycling, please enjoy. All comments and feedback are welcome.

Big thanks to my brother from another mother, Edd Hawkes, for editing. He always does a great job. Thanks to Team Voodoo lads, Simon Berry, Mike Taylor, Leo Hawkes and Joe Baxter for making me the rider I am. Thanks to Iain Schofield for riding with me daily. Thanks to Unicycle.com for supporting me over the years, I destroyed 2 or 3 unicycles in the process of filming this and without their sponsorship, I wouldn’t have been able to make this.

Thanks to all of you for watching.


I’m Not Impressed By Your Performance?? Whos!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid laddy, nice to see a fifth aswell. HAWT!

ahhhh sick

watched it again man, loved it.

Can’t wait to ride in with you guys in a few weeks :smiley: should be good times!

Immense! Best part for me is 0:30. Into Stand-Up WW next?

Thanks Sam. If you teach me how to Stand-up, I’ll give it a bloody good go.


Nice riding Jas. Was a pleasure editing it for you. Im amazed at the amount of positive feedback we’ve had :slight_smile:
You should make more videos, been years since the last one!

vimeo please!:slight_smile:

The footplant-1spin-wheelwalk was really really nice. I liked the video a lot.

My thoughts exactly.

Everything in there was crazy awesome, but I had never seen the “to wheelwalk” moves. Those are mind boggling! Nice.