Jason Auld Promo

Jason asked me to make a promo vid for him. He came down and stayed with me for a week to film and heres the result.
Theres also footage from shows that hes done.

Comments on riding and editing appreciated.

Cool edit, nice riding too. Youtube is stupid though.

Well, the riding weren’t that techy nor big, but he had style. The fakie 540 unispin drop was my favourite.
The editing was really cool. I liked how you fit your Got
Talent into it, and showed what they said no to.

One of the better videos. :slight_smile:

Keeping street, STREET.

Loved it

You suck ass.

Edd, you weren’t suppose to post this on the forums.

Sorry guys, this really isn’t a riders video. It’s purely meant for people who have never seen our sport before and it’s also to show companies that I have performed in front of audiences and in the media.

Thanks for the comments so far (apart from the suck ass comment, but I’ll take your word for it mornish as you appear to be an expert) but it really isn’t warranted.

I’m releasing an online vid with Simon Berry which should be out soon. I like to think it’ll be better riding and hopefully this will please the community a little more than this video.


P.S. Really well edited by Edd, well done mate!

Mornish is in a bad mood and is doing naughty things. Tut tut!

Excellent vid!

mornish is drunk i guess (for the first time)

Nice video! Youtube seems to be without music though.

Taken off youtube because they are wankers!
Sorry Jas, didn’t realise you didn’t want me to post it. Just wanted to show off my editing really. Get an idea of what people do and don’t like.
What did Mornish say? Can’t seem to see his post.