Jason Auld Callout

What’s up guys? Here’s the link to my video.


Sorry it took me so long Jason, I’ve been caught up in some drama. And I’m also sorry its shorter than I thought it would be, i decided to take out anything that felt like a filler and just have legitimate, or at least relatively legitimate, footage. And I know someones gonna give me a hard time about the 100’s of shoutouts, lol. I just wanted them all to feel special, my friends have been real good to me, so thats as far as I’ll go in terms of rationalizing that. One last thing, I know I could have gotten some of the clips cleaner. Some of them are as dirty as lisa lampanelli, and I understand that so cut me some slack.

Neighborhood friendly,
Jonny :slight_smile:

is that the nimbus street uni?

nice vid

I’ve always liked your style. Great vid!

haha i liked the credits…

I’m very impressed

You are like having Xavier on the forum ! I hope you don’t mind the comparison, I don’t mean to imply that you are copying. I really like that style and type of tricks.:slight_smile: Please post more videos, and give us lessons ! I doubt I’m ready to be helped much by it, but that is a great style, very entertaining even to non unicyclists. As much as I appreciate tricks like crank flips etc., intellectually, some uni stuff almost needs to be seen in slo mo to realize. The dance all around the wheel stuff that you and Xavier do is easy for everyone to see and appreciate. Great stuff !:slight_smile: I don’t know as I’ll ever get there, but it makes me say “I wanna do that” !:slight_smile:

I loved the vid, I don’t see how the callout is gonna work though… Jason rides a whole different style, it’s like a freestyler calling a trialer out?

Im just gonna judge on the video as a whole.

If Jason puts out a vid, with only one good huge trick in it, then a bunch of boring, unpleasing tricks, im calling Jonny the winner.

If Jason puts out a vid that is pretty consistent, smooth, with a good vary of easy/pleasing to watch tricks, and some more technical tricks. Then it will be harder to tell.

Thats just my take on it though.

I loved it jonny! great job.

Nice video. What song is that?

nice video :slight_smile:

good music, matched to the riding, nice tricks

It’s “Seaside” by The Kooks.

“BACK IT UP, SLACK IT UP” Lives on!!!

-Shaun Johanneson

thanks dude, and yeah it is, i think its a groundbreaking unicycle. if you bought it you wouldnt be sorry. well you might be…but it would be about something else…not about the uni. cuz its pretty tight.

thanks dude. <3 i jsut chekced your afternoon flatland session video, i liekd it a lot too, keep that stuff up man.

me too. i tried to set a record for longest credits in a unicycle video. im proud to say i did that…lol

youre far too kind dude, i love it. thanks a lot. i would say im nowhere near as good as xavier, but i do try to do good unicycling. i dont consider myself qualified to give viable advice but one thing i can say dude is that unicycling takes a lot of heart, so just dont get discouraged. learning coasts and stuff gave me trouble but anything can be achieved if you really want it, thats one thing i can say ive learned from unicycling. anyways yeah man youre a nice person so much love to ya. <3

thanks dustin. well its like a freestyler calling a street rider out maybe. hes got treflips and stuff. hes way amazing and i in no way think im better, hes like jsut a cool guy and a great rider.

thansk amanda. and your new myspace is awesome, i love the flash layout. i jsut hate how you always outdo me all the time. its frustrating.
: )

yeah i bet jason will deliver huge, no doubt. way bigger than me.
and i love you jerrick, you know that.

thansk dude. and we need to ride again sometime dude, its crazy. with a capital c. i wnat to like learn mroe new stuff like flip variations, and with your teaching, and my good looks im sure it will happen. and dude i have plans to get a tattoo that says freestyle, its gonna be crazy. i cant wait.

thanks dude. <3

thanks dude, i tried to make it so it matched so yeah. it was weird…i usually dont like slwo songs…i think techno is so hott.

tightest band ever. other than boys like girls of course.

of course man. : )
and dude off topic i know, but i jsut gotta let ya know i think your riding is so tight. like i hate it when people say like this and that about your style or that you do too many flips or whatever the case…those people that say that dont even know how to crankflip or anything probably so jsut dont take it seriously dude. there is those of us out there that realize how far you push it and we dig it.
: )
All right guys much lvoe to everybody,

Good stuff. well done.

All around good work, that one was added to my favorites.


thats awesome dude, im glad you dig it.

i think youre actually the best person on these forums at editing unicycle videos yours always look so sweet. <3


Hey Jonny awsome it’s finally finished, great job. it was a little shorter then I expected but whatever, it’s all good.

Our internet isn’t working very well right now so I’ll watch it again later and comment on the specifics some other time…

hey Jason, wheres your vid?

awesome video mate, never saw this thread before, word on the street is that the response could be at any day now lol.

good video loved the chilled out soundtrack to match the chilled riding. liking some of those flat moves will be interesting to see if jase trys some of that.

Goodl luck boys good clean fight xxxxxxxx

even though I’m slightly offended i didn’t make it onto your credits. :sunglasses:
still a bitchin’ video man.