Jason Auld - British Street champ does Muni!

Hey guys and girls!

Jason Auld is current British street champion. We dragged him out on a couple of Muni rides and he seems to have been bitten by the bug. So much so he’s even made a video!
Jason lives 5 minutes away from Arthurs Seat, which is a mini-mountain right in the middle of Edinburgh, lucky man!

Heres the vid, ENJOY!

The Voodoo Team

video has been removed by the user? :frowning:

Sorry, the first video we uploaded wasn’t in HD :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting Edd.

As a bit of a newbie at MUni and filming, all feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Hope you enjoy.


Nice vid! Those were some steep downhills. Makes me want to ride muni myself :P.

^ yea! i wanna ride there! :stuck_out_tongue:

dude…that fall was wicked…like you gained some serious speed when you coasted for that split second before falling :stuck_out_tongue:

happy birthday dood!

Great video! Some great shots there, I like the zoomed out shot of Jason unicycling. Good riding to, that bail was funny, looked sore though.