Jarom- "lefty"

Hey all! Called it lefty because im naturally right handed and when i broke my right wrist then i had a cast so i started learning to hop and stuff with my left hand… Crappy riding.
Not my best not my worst.
Hope you enjoy and get a kick out of my huge cast that i get off in 12 days!

For all those who are gonna ask questions… heres some info:
been riding for year and half
six pallet hop was only 90cm :frowning:


Wow… pretty good for a righty… Awesome video. Great Skill.

Thanks man! pretty good for a righty… wats that supposed to mean?

Good entertaining video

Props man. I can get 63 cm. static with my right hand.

and only like 1cm. left!

Cool vid. You have a wicked trials course there !!

nice vid , and a real cool trailpark in your in your garden:D

Thanks guys. Ya me and riley crosby built that in my backyard :slight_smile: best thing is everything is movable so we change it up alot

lol yup. :roll_eyes:
pretty sick.
edit: i like the part at 1:20

nice vid and a that park looks really cool:D

oh i also broke my hand at unicycling… 5 weeks ago;)

Thanks holmes… i was bored so i edited that in. and that sucks that you broke your hand too. but hey gotta make the best of it and keep riding

:stuck_out_tongue: that movable thingy broke ya wrist :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, nice video. Nasty fall. How high do you ride your seat?

idk i just put it to whatever i feel i like at the time then go out and ride.