Japanese Freestyle

At the moment I’m pretty interested in the Japanese freestyle competitions that seem to go on every year, but I don’t know alot about them, in my quest for knowledge I ask you, the unicyclist community, for some help…


What was it you wanted to know? Dates?

well dates is good, but any general knowledge about it would be much appreciated

Jas’o :smiley:

John Foss’ current signature line includes links to on-line copies of the competition rule books for the Unicycling Society of America (USA), Inc. (North American championships) and the International Unicycling Federation (IUF), Inc. (world championships). You should start your learning experience by reading the artistic sections of one or both of these rule books.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an English translation of the Japan Unicycle Association rules available. The USA, Inc. and IUF, Inc. rules for artistic competitions / judging are going to be fairly close to the JUA rules. They’ll give you a general idea of the categories and formats.

The main difference versus the North American championships is that JUA competitions are much larger (i.e., many more riders). The Japanese artistic riding style is also very different. Their routines tend to be very fluid classical dance routines, while other riders often focus more on technical difficulty.

What time of year does it usually take place and is it every year???

They used to do only one big “indoor meet” a year, but now I have to assume there are many. Not sure if there is a separate championships for artistic events, but I think there is. I don’t know the dates, but you could start with Jack Halpern for helping hook you up with some translated information:
jack “at” kanji.org

I have asked for years for a translated copy of Japanese Freestyle rules, but there is always too much to do and not enough time. I’d like to see how their version differs from what we use internationally. In any case, we use the IUF rules for Unicon (and they are the same as the USA rules except for Club Show).

Thanx for the help, its very much appreciated