Japanese Freestyle Videos

I just noticed that there are some new videos on the Japanese unicycling web site.

Unicon 12 videos
2004 individual video
2004 pairs and group videos

The video links all link to an ASX file which in turn redirects to a WMV file with the same name. If you want to save the files to your computer you can go File >> Save Media As… in Windows Media Player. Or you can get tricky and copy the link for the ASX file and change it to a WMV extension to get the browser to download the WMV file directly. The File >> Save Media As… method is more straightforward.

Pretty amazing freestyle riding.

I’ve got Japanese freestyle video from 2002 and 2003 in my Japanese Freestyle gallery.

Awesome! I haven’t looked at any of the linked videos, but I was there. Now if we talk about those top performances, people can take a look at what we were talking about!


flippin’ amazing

depressing…and amazing!

Inspirational is the word you’re looking for. :slight_smile:
It’s not depressing at all to see that skill and that style of riding.

Check out the UNICON 12 videos and contrast the Japanese style riding with the style of riding done by Amy Shields, Simon Wells, and Ryan Woessner.

I need to get one of those white tires on my uni.
They seem to be easier to ride. :wink:

i have seen some of those japanese people ride before and it really blows my mind. especially when they spin freely like 900’s and stuff. its pretty cool.


Does anyone know who those people are? I think the second guy down on the individual men’s might be Daike Izumeda, given his riding style, but I’m not sure about any of the others.

I found these videos myself about two weeks ago, I suppose I should have posted a link then. A link there has also been on The Unicyclopedia for some time now.
Pretty amazing, all of them. It was good to see Ryan Woessner and Amy Shields in the pairs and Amy’s individual routine from UNICON. Very good riding that!

What size cranks is the rider using in the first video?

Ah too late to edit, i meant to ask in the singles videos what size cranks are most of the riders using? I know freestyle is done with small cranks, but I just wonder if anyone knows about the size they were using. I want to buy some small cranks to put on my old 20" and practice pirouhettes(i cant spell).

Inspiring and depressing… :smiley:

I haven’t actually read the Wiki Unicyclopedia yet. :slight_smile:
I suppose I should read it sometime soon and contribute.

I found the Japanese freestyle videos just on my own. I check that Japanese page every couple of months or so to see if there are any new videos posted.

Not sure what list of links you’re looking at. The one I saw listed people by 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Daike was not among them, and placed lower (Pairs and Individual). Point me to the list and I can probably identfy most of the riders. Except the groups. There were so many it was harder to keep track of them.

I do have a DVD set of all the Freestyle performances from Unicon. Every single one. But the menu system is in Japanese so it’s still hard to know who’s who.

Crank lengths:
I’m guessing here, based on looking at my pictures. For Amy and Ryan, they both appear to have fairly long ones, maybe 125. If not 125 they might be 114 but I’m guessing not shorter. Ryan often reads here, so you could ask him as well.

The Japanese riders generally use shorter cranks. I know that years ago, Kazuhiro used 89s. Not sure if he’s still on the same size. I would guess 102s or 89s for most of the high-level Japanese riders. Short cranks make spinny-type moves easier, while longer cranks are better for things like side-ride and other tricks where you need leverage.

For Simon Wells, crank length was probably less of an issue. Long cranks would probably work better for his zig-zaggy moves, but I’m not sure.

Amy and I both have size 114 cranks. I believe it is the perfect size for freestyle, not too long, not too short.

Ryan :slight_smile:
UNICON XI & XII World Champion




and he’s… BETTER THAN ME??? :thinking:

I feel really sorry forthat second guy… he did some kick ass stuff, but messed up like 7 times…