January 09'

Hey Everyone!

I just finished making my January 09’ video.

I must say this is by far my favorite video. I’ve progressed a lot from November.

Criticism appreciated.

Vimeo is almost up, YouTube later.


you have got a weird link… it doesnt work for me.

Nice :slight_smile:

Where is that course-ish thing that you are riding at 2:00? Looks like fun.

Good job. I dig it.

My bad, the quality is really suckish. I’ll see if I can’t sort that out and put a better one in.

The trials course is at Lory State Park. There’s another trials course a quarter mile from my house too.

Some of the filming was annoying. But I enjoyed this video a lot
Great job. Your trials is getting good

wow. this is great, I love it. You are getting really good, can’t wait to see more videos from you. Great tricks, lines, editing, all around sick vid.:smiley:

If my friend and I head up to visit our CSU buddies, I’m recruiting you to show us around the place :wink: (And to ride with us as well, if you would be down for such a thing)

I just noticed, don’t watch in hd. It’s an sd camera in hd resolution.

Watch in Standard Def.

The course in the video is really bad. Those are the only two wooden parts. The other is a bmx track. The other one I live close to is fun.

Wow, great video.

Your trials is getting really good, I think you should stick to trials and ditch street/flat :slight_smile:

You don’t have any snow, your sooo lucky! I wish I could ride trials outside right now!!

Great video, can’t wait to see another video from you in the spring.

Keep it up!


I’ve had 70 degree whether up until today, where it drizzled snow. So it’s cold again.

Excellent video! You really have improved a lot. :smiley:

It’s still better than what I have available where I live. Plus, I’m not very good in the first place, so I wouldn’t be able to utilize a nice course anyhow.:smiley:

that was pretty good. getting more creative with the editing . diggin in.

I want to be creative, but there is only so much you can do with imovie hd. :frowning:

iMovie HD is great! just gotta know how to use it to its full potential. try downloading the trial of adobe premier when your ready to make another vid. dont download it till your ready to edit cause it only lasts for 30 days

I took the other one off because it was really choppy.

Here is the new one.

Very Nice. :slight_smile:
Grats on the 5 pallets.

Great video, definately your best.