Jan Strelec 273cm drop

Something for all trial riders!

Whoao man!! That is sick!

I’ve done 280cm :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? :open_mouth: I need some advice about landing drops. Recently I started practising switch and a seat always slips to left and hit my knee. It’s much easier to drop LFF I think…

i don’t think foot position makes a difference, i’m right foot forward. I’m not good at landing drops either.It took me quite alot of tries to get it but that was along time ago. Maybe i’ll try soon to see if i can do a big drop smoothly

and you should try to ride out as soon as you land

For me it does. When I did LFF, my left leg always blocked a seat to go left and right hand blocked the right side. But now i have hand and also a leg on the right side, so it always go left. It probably need just a practise, but it’s driving me crazy!

oh i understand now, yeah i’ve never had that because i’m RFF with right hand

Nice drop Mike, but isn’t it a problem for your knees?