Jan Strelec 2011

Hey Guys!
Here´s my first video, hope you like it.

Welcome to the forums, Great riding. Your obviously not afraid of heights :smiley:

Sick video man! You’re crazy! Heights don’t scare you :slight_smile:

wow Jan!! you got insanely good!! :astonished:
Almost al the lines to tire!! so sick Ö
Loved it², best trial vid since… Mmm Idk xD really nice!!

love you high, big, smooth lines :slight_smile:

fucking crazy!!! i knew you were good but didnt know that good!!! loved the pre hop and static hop to rail <3 so awesome!

Dude… you’re fucking insane!
Maybe some more aggressive music would have fitted the video. I wanted to be like “HOLY FUCK”, but the music was too slow to get in the mood :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I really enjoyed it!

Yes!! I enjoyed that,everytime a new good trials rider pops into the community i’m filled with joy.Trials is such a minority these days…

P.S I love how this forum used to be anti swearing,then people added stars to the words and now its just made clear what people are thinking lol

Wow, I actually really enjoyed that. I’m not big into trials, but I can totally respect how you ride. Almost all to tire, high off the ground… I really like it.

That is soooo cool! You are fearless.

Amen brother!

Wow Janek, that was pure awesomeness of you catched in a video!
I knew you would blew everyone’s mind.
Hope you’re gonna do it more frequently form now on :slight_smile:
Big up!

love this vid!big jumps and very high!


Love it! I want to ride with you man.

Awesome riding! I really loved the hops on the rails! How come I never heard about you before?!

The only thing I didn’t like was the music… but the riding was crazy awesome!

pure goodness. so amazing to watch. also liked that you included some bails and funny scenes!

AMAZING :smiley:

Second best 1st vid ever IMO

IMO #1 is Max’s Visual Chaos (which is hard to beat since it’s also in my all time top 10).

I doubt you’d see public trials spots like most of those in the US :frowning:

Thanks guys!! I´m glad you like it :slight_smile: I didn´t really think that you could like it that much :smiley:

Hi Honza, I’m Really impressed.
Ahoj Honzo, když tak na tebe koukám, vracím se se svým “ježděním” do hrobu.