Jamey Mossengren & David Weichenberger Muni Santa Barbara

It was a fun-packed weekend in Santa Barbara when Jamey Mossengren of Minnesota and David Weichenberger of Austria rolled into town. Given their reputations, I knew we had to show them only our toughest trails. We started with Tunnel trail on Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day. Phil, Julian, and Jess were also there. From the foggy bottom, you wouldn’t think that heat would be a worry, but we were wrong… once again. By the time we dropped in it was in the mid 80s, a worrisome sign. But the whole group performed excellently. If you haven’t heard, Tunnel trail is known as a local Mecca among downhillers because of the 5 miles of relentless, sharp, babyhead rocks it provides. For unicyclists, it’s a burner. The first time I ever tried it, I think I rolled about 30-40%. On their first time, Jamey and David rolled about 99%. (Yes, I have to give them a little sh*t for bypassing our 4 ft. drop at the end, on account of being tired. Otherwise, I know they would have owned it.) I don’t care how good a rider you are, rolling 99% of this trail on your first time is something to be proud of. We ended the ride with a sweet mile of downhill asphalt gliding.

That night, Jess had one of his usual impromptu parties, where Jamey and David proved that they could still rides stairs, land uni spins, and ride on their hands after a couple of green 40s. Jess woo’d the crowd with his giraffe skills.

Sunday was one of our favorites, Saddle Rock… one of the scariest muni rides I’ve ever seen. It couldn’t be more than 2 miles, but it’s got big daddyhead rocks on angles steep enough to make a tough guy’s knees tremble. Jamey rolled a section I’d never seen anyone roll there before (well maybe except KH, who spoils everything). His years of experience really paid off here. And David started busting out uni spins while in motion down the rocks. I think one of his greatest skills is his fast-twitch technique. In fact, on the rare occasion that he’d pull a upd, he’d remount so fast, you’d almost never know he dismounted. I guess practicing those foot plants comes in handy. As for the rest of us, Hans gave a tire-popping performance. Chris Clarke managed to rip it up even though he hasn’t ridden in ages, and I myself pulled off a new steep line I’d never before had the guts to attempt. So it pays to ride in good company.

So it was a great weekend. More pictures are coming soon, but here’s something from Jamey to satisfy your cravings. (Can anyone tell me how to display pix in the body without having to click a link first??)

Good times! Is Tunnel Trail the one we rode on the first day of MUni Weekend? The one that was just “relentless concentration required” followed by poison oak? I can’t wait to ride that one again (poison oak optional)…

A good question… Actually Tunnel Trail is the one we couldn’t put on the schedule because it’s too hard! :stuck_out_tongue: The one you’re thinking of us Coldsprings trail. Take the number of rocks on Coldsprings, multiply them by 2 or 3, and then sharpen them with a file - oh and remove all tree coverage - and that’s Tunnel! So, John you’d just love it. Poison oak is less than Coldsprings - but ask us in 2 days if there was too much oak on this trail!

Bummer I had to miss those rides. BTW, John F., the first ride on CMW was Cold Springs, not Tunnel (both trails are very similar). Tunnel is technical but most of all it’s an unrelenting endurance run. The rocks just keep coming and coming. Anyone who gets down most of that trail has something to really be proud of. That’s awesome those guys did so well. My first time down Tunnel I might have ridden 30% of it, max.


Hats off to David and Jamey
Watching you two ride on Saddlerock on Sunday was great
I went back on Monday to do what I didn’t on Sunday and got a lot of great riding in

Ya, it was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun riding with everyone. Now that I’m living in Huntington Beach, I am going to try and come up there as much as I can. Probably like once a month or so, for a whole weekend if Jess lets me stay with him again!

On Sundays ride I wasn’t quite up to par for most of the ride due to St. Patricks Day and playing Edwards 40 Hands so it often took me a couple tries to get some lines. But towards the end a small rock on flat ground just owned me and I had a pretty good fall. I even used my helmet for the first time and still somehow managed to get a nice little cut on my forehead and a few cuts, bruises and sore muscles. But it was all worth it. :slight_smile:

I loved the trails and the only thing I didn’t like about the trails was seeing poison oak all over the place. Hopefully I don’t get it…so far so good!

Cool, sounds like fun.
I would like to ride with you guys once I get a car/license.

more great photos by Jamey…

foot plants during muni…that’s a really good idea.

Ya, it was pretty sweet. He was trying this one that was really hard and I have a video of it I’ll try to get online sometime. He never made it but it’s amazing that he was even trying it. David also would do 180 uni spins and glide down the trails. I like the idea of mixing street and MUni. Makes it a lot more fun to watch!

not just looking cool, but functional. like the foot plants to gap stuff faster. or if you upd to get right back on.

Here is the youtube video of David trying to mix street with MUni. And of course the video doesn’t really show how steep and difficult it really was.

Way to go guys! Sounds like some rough terrain.

Next you should include a crank flip in that jump :slight_smile: