**JAMES_POTTERS BIG BAIL** quite funny

Yeah, were does Xav fall a quarter pipe?

andrew what is that that comes out of the tire or your mouth or whatever it is ?

That is the visor from my helmet. :slight_smile:

/giggle @ james_potter

ahahahahahhaahahhaha that is hilarious james potter, the way u stepped out into air as if there was ground right underneath ur foot was hilarious, i hate that feeling!
the worst time its happened to me, was wen i was drunk and running around my local area with other mates, some guy came out and screamed at us and we freaked out and ran, i jumped up onto a a pole that was horizontal like a fence, and thought i saw one infront of me, and went to jump on it too and there actually wasnt nething there! i ate the dirt real hard and broke my ankle but in my drunk numbness didnt really notice and went home, woke up in the morning and had a reeeaalll sore and wierd shaped ankle ahaha

and to add anotha note!

atleast ur mate is watchin out for u james, i sense that from the (ooohhhh)

my mates wouldnt give a damn if i stacked, the non-unicycle riders, i only come with me to see me stack :frowning: ahaha