**JAMES_POTTERS BIG BAIL** quite funny

I recently found this clip of James_Potter bailing from a pedal grab…its quite amusing.


hope you enjoy as much as i did.

holy moses
that was funny that was like the 4th worst bail ive ever seen on a uni

go to busted uni and check out the video gallery…theres some pretty brutal ones there.

hahah, even I haven’t seen that in like forever!!

DISCLAIMER: that was from like over a year ago. I’m not quite as lame now (:

When you said it was amusing I was expecting him to fall through the window behind him. That would be amusing. :slight_smile:

Ha ha that was funny it was a choppy watching it 'cause my computer if screwed up, but i got the just of it:D

indeed that would have been more amusing…but this will suffice for now.

hahhahahaha thats soo cool…

lol you landed it but your tire looked like it got hooked on theedge of that wall. ive done that so many times… lol


I made a more fun version

OK, MY left knee hurts after watching that again in slow-mo.

But… in the spirit of full disclosure… I can’t stop laughing when I watch it :wink:

LOFL that was harsh!

What makes up the rest of your list?

andrew…your brutal faceplant is numberone on worst bails ive ever seen… that must hav hurt. but i must say it was i little funny the second time i watched it.

how?? lol!

It was funny the hundredth time I watched it too! :slight_smile:



Wow. That must have hurt. It made me flinch the first time I watched it.

wow your avatar makes sence 2 me now

I love that, not as good as the one where Xavier Collos breaks a quarterpipe, but still awesome. The slomo was even better.

I dont think ive seen those, could you post a link?