James & Kieron, Colchester & Clacton

Heres the latest video I made of me and kieron doing some general trials,drops, stairs etc…

Any tips are appreciated.

Nice video sorry I got no tips

nice video, but when you are jumping sideways, try to stay sideways during the jump, this will carry you a couple inches further.

Like jumping sideways down stairs… or gaps?

:wink: either, you wont end up hitting the last step if you stay sideways, and for some reason it takes you further, figured this out doing gaps, but it works with stairs too, just experiment with it, and see what you like. :sunglasses: :wink:

Ok, I can understand why it is I wont hit the last step, cos ill be parallel to it, but my tyre is more likely to fold :frowning:

Exactly. I say to either twist in the air to land forwards, or just start gaping forwards. My friend Phil, he gaps everything forwards, or with just a little angle, and can easily get 6-7 foot static gaps.

O…k… now i’m confused! I think I have to land sideways when gapping and clearing sets, but not when i’m dropping (I knew that part…) right?!

ok, thanks!

I gave my tips in a comment on the video… you guys are getting good enough I may have to call you out soon, I am working on a new video, should be up soon I think I’ll call you out with it…

hey james, im in tht vid too, and i recorded a lot of it!

that video is way old, OK mabey not that old but they were like thye first drops i ever did.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice vid. The last minute or so was all fast forward for me :thinking:

Every time you land sideways you put a lot of stress on the rim. Save them for small gaps, when there is no room otherwise, or absolutely must have those extra couple of inches (although I think that last part is more technique and skill than potential). Try to land forwards and always roll out if space allows. This should put less stress on your entire uni.

yeah the last few clips are bails and are faster