Jakob Flansberry World Cup Downhill Muni

Hi. This video of Jakob was filmed in a day when he was in Australia (2 years ago!)

Finally finished the last bit of editing but his riding is phenomenal


machine gun like.jpg


It’s a master class on smooth riding over rough stuff. I love the way Jakob mixes in small hops and such, so that the pedals are always magically aligned for the bigger moves, without losing the flow.

WOW! Yes! This is where the true wizardry lies.

Love your video! Love the music, the riding skills (awesome Jakob), the beautiful flow. And… Love Mt. Stromlo!! I am only novice at mini but Mt. Stromlo is good for all skill levels, something for everyone.

To be honnest, I am very often surprised when my pedals line up properly, but it happens way more often than I can think about it.

Learning to hop switch-foot makes me aligned twice as many times too :wink: