Jail two times anyone?

Just curious if anyone has been to jail more than twice for riding a unicycle.

I wonder what Eddie is up to these days? He was an early adopter of the Coker when they first came out. Before that, he obviously had an earlier type of big wheel (1990 article), probably a Tom Miller one. He performed ballet, both on and off the unicycle at some USA conventions and was also at Unicon VII.

Wow. So was the story in the first article embellished at all? I can see a scenario where someone is on an uneventful road ride on a unicycle and the only thing people unfamiliar with unicycles will see is an out of control looney almost causing accidents all over the place.

That’s one of the reasons I started riding with my hands behind my back. I got tired of people that were already well out of my way clearing a wide berth to “let me pass” I found that riding with my hands behind my back helped let people know that I was in full control.

The other article makes me want to abandon something I was thinking of learning: nunchaku unicycling.

I believe that you’re still ahead in this category, Eddie. Nice to hear from you again.

Hi John. We missed you in Madison last year. I think I unofficially won the Pub Crawl!

oh, duh! I didn’t look at the name of the OP. Hi Eddie!

Seems like somebody is trying…


Another reason I’m glad I live in California. I’m sure “falling off” could be something as simple as dismounting.

Both press articles are more than 20 years old. At that time Eddie was facing his 30th birthday. Is he still riding unicycles? Is he still parrying while riding? I’d love to see that man swinging a sword in heavy car traffic, pointing the sword’s tip towards the car driver next to him, maybe driving a convertible …

Today!! Arrested!!

(CBS/AP) KEMAH, Texas - Riding a unicycle is one way to get noticed.
Riding a unicycle in Kemah, Texas probably increases your chances.

But riding a unicycle naked in Kemah, Texas - that will get you noticed, and arrested, as Joseph Farley discovered.

Police say the 45-year-old Farley was unicycling nude on a bridge about 20 miles southeast of Houston, distracting drivers and creating a hazard. Furthermore, the police chief says Farley was not intoxicated or impaired when police noticed him Wednesday, although he had been falling off the unicycle and into traffic.

What was the point?

Farley told officers that he liked the feeling of riding without his clothes, which were found at the base of the bridge.

He’s charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure, with bond set at $1,500.

Let’s see how slowly the wheels of justice turn…um, make that wheel.


Does that article address the original question? Did you read the original question? Did you just have trouble with the big words?

No, but Farley is now in the running for two unicycle arrests

So are you. So am I. But that still doesn’t address the question of the OP.

I don’t even have ONE unicycle related arrest, and neither do YOU! How can the voters take you seriously?

If you are still in the running, you had better either get a uni arrest or drop out of the race.

I think Billy’s post was perfectly related with this thread. You just need to cool it.

So far, the only thing I’ve had to endure is a police warning for not wearing a helmet when I was riding on the road on a very very quiet Sunday afternoon. Guessing it was a slow day for that officer.

I think I saw this guy today!!!

Hey Everyone!

I may have seen this guy today! :astonished:

My husband and I were in Kemah, Texas for lunch (a 2.5 hour drive from my house in Louisiana). As we headed home, north on Texas Highway 146, a guy on a 36er rode right by us headed south (on the shoulder). We were still in Kemah, and the guy was headed right for the bridge on which the “naked unicyclist” had been arrested. (He did have his clothes on today.)

I had forgotten about the naked unicyclist (who had been in the news around here) until I started looking for a Kemah unicyclist hoping to say, “Hey I think I saw you riding your 36” today."

So, now maybe I even know his name!

Hey Eddie
Were you riding your 36 on Highway 146 this afternoon? (Saturday, 6-22-13).
I almost never see a unicyclist, and NEVER EVER a 36er.
(It’s possible it was a 29", but I think it was a 36".)

Thanks for making my day!!! :smiley:

Lunch was good, but spotting a unicyclist on a 36er was super!
There are very few unicyclists in Southwest Louisiana!!!

The cops did the correct thing when they locked you up. That kind of behaviour gives unicyclists a bad name.If you want to act the clown then join the circus.


I was NOT condoning riding with no clothes on!!!

i was just so blown away that I actually SAW a Guy riding what looked like a 36.

Now I wish I would have started a new thread and skipped the part about this guy maybe being the nude, arrested guy.


Nobody unicycles in my neck of the woods, but ME !!!
(I was not in my own neck of the woods when I spotted him.)

I was pulled over twice.

First was for “wreckless” riding. I hadn’t been riding that long, it was night, and there was a 100 foot stretch of no sidewalk or shoulder. Cars typically would pass me too close and fast for my comfort so I would wave my trafic side hand w/ the reflectors on my glove facing their headlights. This combined w/ the natural weave of a uni wheel made it look to the officer who’d never seen a uni in person like I was out of control.

Second was for no headlight even though all the roads I was on were extremely well lit, I had on a bright floorecent jacket, and reflective tape on the uni, and not really a good place for a light. Now I have a teeny light on my helmet so I don’t get pulled over again.