Jagur Master Wheel buider

so like i said,i build my wheel too.i had to put together a make shift a truing stand…i call it the "jagur Master builder Wheel trueing station…

just look at my concentration!
check out my marbles

Such style you have… I’m jealous.

So ghetto… I love it!!! :smiley:

A subtle marriage of art and technology. Nothing less would be expected here, I think.

about as saptil as a schoppenhauer tank plowing thru a field of daisies…

Jag, do you have a moustache, or is that just a trick in the light?

loving the ingenious use of a demmi john as a stand, very cleaver jagur!

What’s with the hat?

Is that some new kind of safety equipment?

Where can I get my own Truing Stand Scalp Protector, and does it come in black?

you must be finding road side internet stations of somthing?

really though,i forgot to mention that the ugly wheel in the pic is just a mock wheel,used in place of my new (secret) 29er wheel…

the pic with my 29er wheel in the photo is much better and you can see my mostache clearly.

demmi john? never heard of that.

A demmi john is a glass bottle used for brewing beers and wines!

you learn something new every day!

i once used at partys too.i would pour a little lighter fluid into it and throw in a match.it would fire a cool pattern of flames out the top and give off a sound as loud as a jet engine!

A carboy is what that same bottle is generally called in the US, at least in beer brewing circles.

Former brewmeister, and master of the “Painfully Hoppy” pale ale.

That’s a beautiful stand. I think yours is better looking than my stand.

where’s your taped on paper arrows Paco? :slight_smile: