Jagur in FHM?

Perhaps I missed an earlier thread on this.

I went to the barber this morning and while I was waiting, I was browsing through one of those puerile “lad mags” full of scantily dressed women with improbable figures, and articles about cars that you could never park in Nottingham, when I came across a short article about unicycling.

there was a picture of a young chap whose name was given as “Jagur” - surely there can’t be two, so I assume it was our own jagur from this forum. he was on what looked like a 20 or 24 with a fat tyre - clearly a proper enthusiast’s unicycle, and wearing typical unicyclist’s clothing (as opposed to a clown’s costume).

Next to the photo were copies of letters apparently sent in by unicyclists objecting to something published in an earlier issue of the magazine in which unicyclists were likened to clowns. On the whole, those letters were well written and not too hysterical, and appealed for unicycling to be treated with respect as a legitimate and challenging sport. Unfortunately, the brief editorial comment was to the effect of, “Yeah, right, whatever you say, but you still look like clowns.” This was the June (or July?) issue of FHM. Anyone else seen it?

holy crap!!!

i get back from a long camping trip and im in FHM? i hope i can track down that issue. i wasnt ever contacted by them. i cant belive my name is spelled right in print…whoa.

does anyone have the pic scanned?

yes hopefully somone will get it. im still curious if it is me…? i just went to my local market (7-11) and they were all out :frowning: those mags are ussally out a month in advance so it may be to late.

Just send a letter to FHM saying you were put in their magazine without out your permision, but if they send you a copy of the magazine you’ll forget about the whole incident :wink: If it’s not actually you then there’s no need to get the magazine!

Don’t forget to get the UK edition! (I assume it is the UK one Mike, unless you go all out for your mop chops?)

thanks for the warning but i dont think im going to find any version. i looked at all the BIG stores that carry that mag and they all have the August edition.

the June or July ones are long gone it seems.

hopefully Mikefule can take that new digi cam to the barber shop and get a pic! hint hint.

you could order the issue online, if you think it’s worth it.

i thought about that but without knowing what month it is for sure it would be a crap shoot. whether its worth it or not…i still dont know if its in fact me or not so, no at this point it isnt.

what is Mikefules email address?

I will do my best to get hold of a copy, but no promises. It’s not a fantastic article, and only a few column inches. Still, it’s fame of a sort - unless it’s a completely different Jagur who’s a keen unicyclist…

My email is Mikefuleataoldotcom

cool thanx. maybe that barber will sell it to you then i can buy it from you? if not one shot with that digy cam will show if its me or not. im mostly curious what pic it is so i can tell where it came from.

Jagar I’ll see if there are any around here I think I know of a place that might have an old one. If I find one I’ll send it to you for free I owe you any way from way back with the XBox dealings :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet Tim thanx…i need to find my 15 minutes of fame!