Jacob Zabel - Where is he?

Awesome street rider. Love his style.

Where is he??? He did really well at FLUCK. Havn’t seen him since.

He doesnt ride that much anymore.

Who is he?

I didn’t know he existed before this thread, but I found this vid with him:


And how old is that vid??? Friggin old right?

If he kept riding he’d probably be doing latebacks down 8sets by now Pele :stuck_out_tongue:
If he paced himself a little more and didnt get so carried away at the end of his street run at FLUCK he probably would have won.

…Thats a real shame.

It’s uploaded the 11th of september '07.

I think we made this video in the summer 07. But I had only one or two days to film Jakob because he broke parts of his uni. Its a shame he doesnt realy ride anymore. He still is the best german street rider but nearly the only one too :slight_smile: (I dont knoew why we have so many race/hockey/freestyle and trials unicyclist here but only a few street/flat).