Jacob Spera Teaser

24inch street teaser!

One day of filming and just local spots, just a preview of what is to come in the next few months of riding :smiley:


Thanks for watching!

and for all you youtube lovers


<3 24 street

I like it man! loved the car bit towards the end. don’t wanna give too much away… so watch it now everyone! can’t wait till the full video. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the full vid :smiley: Love the 24 street.

yup yup. i like. :slight_smile:

That was wicked, can’t wait to see more.

And for the record I don’t love youtube… but my computer can load them more reliably.

wow this is amazing!!!

@ Dane M: we know about that problem and we work on utv 3.0 actually. Hopefully this will run much better then.

Very good to hear! I would much prefer to view them on utv, but yes, it often will take my computer 5-10 mins and upwards to load a standard 2-3 minute video. I don’t have the best internet, but I can load youtube videos ok, and vimeo takes just a little bit longer.

Make sure to alert those of us with lesser internet power when you get it updated! :slight_smile:

So great video!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaah, speeeeed

hahaha i felt slow that day to :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the nice words guys :slight_smile:

the bigger the better :slight_smile: this movie is ok, but the full version looks promising… and the car jump is the job :slight_smile: