Jacob Spera Sponsorship Request- UTV

Could of got a few things in cleaner but ehh here it is

this was def my fav of the 4 sponsorship request vids.

your rolling hops are freakin epic dood!!!

Yeah man epic. Your street is awesome. Good on you for trying Bret’s long handrail, I’m sure you’ll get it soon. It looks like your not comfortable on handrails yet and you havn’t got the lean down yet. But once you get it down you’ll have it easy.

Hope you get the sponsorship, you deserve it I think. Enjoyed this video the most. Monster rolling hops (look out hugo). Nice to see the backslide handrail too even if it was just a tap. And the grind up the rail was nice even with the hand.

Totally agree with you on the grinds, i can get the lean at the start but i always mess up when i try to do it on larger hand rails. Ill get that rail eventually though, i would of tried it some more but i killed my leg and butt.

And thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile:

Loved that you did fakie stuff. Ever try straight up (no 180) fakie jumping a big set?

on small sets i have, i dont like how it looks tho cause i dont roll out of it as good. I also feel much more comfortable doing the 180 down it to because thats what actually gives me my distance for the hop

That was sooooo sick! I have no idea how Olaf is gonna narrow it down…

Didn’t like the music but the riding is the best ive ever seen EVER! The gap over the 2 small bushes from parking lot to sidewalk was MASSIVE



that was a very sweet vid dude, riding was smooth and flowing, music suited. and the size’s of some of the gaps you were hitting, shit yeah!

Sickkkkkkk your an awesome unicyclist!

Your riding is exciting to watch, good job :stuck_out_tongue:

handrail backslide! OMFG!! i mean it was sketchy as fuck but still a bloody good effort. double handrail line was very nice. same with the double ledge later on. i dunno wat the rail at 2:37 is like but if u did it then u would definately get the sponsorship! the underrail upgrind was pretty lol worthy. 3:08 seems like it would b big but the angle is terrible.
so yea some pretty big rolling hops! some even bigger grinds!! too bad u fell backwards on the last one. overall a good video. hard to compare u to the others cos ur style is different to theirs but in my biased opinion i think u should get it :slight_smile: i c u also hav approval from chris n dan. wat more do u need? :stuck_out_tongue:
:open_mouth: u gave me a special thanks? cheers bud

haha yeah it was sketchy! i had other ones where i rolled out of but just barely even kissed it so i put that one in there. Hopefully there will be some bigger rails to come.

last rail… haha did that one for you and chris and Dan. Im gonna land that one soon! At 3:08 its a really crappy angle but its a 2 set then flat to a 3 set… really put a lot of effort into that one to clear it:p

Thanks for the kind words again guys, glad you liked it Spencer

Your rolling hops are amazing! :stuck_out_tongue: But I also thought it was kinda just grinds and hops up/down stairsets :confused:

loved the hops - how can You fly so far and so high !??!?

but You should add some more tricks… there were only hops, as Lisa said, and few crankflips.


ps. great music!

Totally mindblowing :astonished: :astonished:

Very nice riding! Good to see some real street again :).

+1 old school street kicks tech streets ass!

thats what i call a badass rolling hop :stuck_out_tongue: good job.