Jacob Spera Muni

heres a muni video i made over break and over the past few weeks of riding in the hills


heres youtube

support UTV and watch it on there if your computer will let you!


Sickkkkkkkkkkkkk :smiley: Awesome man, some real gutsy stuff there!

one of the best muni vids ever!

Great muni video. It looks very steep.

You’re a mountain goat.

Crazy downhills man :smiley:

Very impressive dh riding! I hope you didn’t have to hike back up all that! :smiley:


some hills i must of done at least 15 times… it was horrible!

I’ll bet! the DH was great, but riding UP all those hills would really be something, haha! :p;)

haha im strictly downhill… i hate riding to the spots, its so boring

Did you have a brake? The shots were all too far for me to tell, but the long shots really showed just how steep the dh was; something that rarely translates very well to film. What I find interesting is that there seemed to be so many steep sections with hardly any trees, brush or other obstructions on them, making riding down much more doable and ideal, than if they were covered with thick foliage and trees. Makes me want to start doing more super steep dh, but there’s not much of it where I ride. Time to start searching! :smiley:

my only brakes are my legs and 165’s

also another thing i did was go down the hills at different angles and try to turn so i could slow down. I wish i had a GoPro helmet camera, haha it would make some really cool shots :smiley:

:astonished: Insane man!!! Are you just using your 24" street uni?

really nice and hardcore riding! sometimes i wish i were still that young…but on the other hand i’m glad i’m not :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry but i didn’t like it…
i guess a lot of stuff you did was really hard and is really impressive
but for me the camera angles didn’t show well the difficulty…

i very well agree with you, the only way to get a real understanding of the hill is to actually be standing up there and looking down in. Even then its hard to tell how steep the hill really is. I also was disappointed about just filming with a tripod the entire time, luckily at the end i had a wide angle lens so i could get a little bit closer and try some new things. My next DH muni video i will try to have one of my friends film for me, also itll be totally different riding as well :sunglasses:


well its basically kinda my street setup… just different cranks and tire haha. Same wheelset though! love the MAD4ONE hub, its super light and really helps out with throwing the unicycle around and turning. Also its nice for hiking back up hills to haha

and Turtle… haha i cant imagine what you would do if you were younger, you do some CRAZY things already :astonished: :smiley:

Wow! What impressed me most was your speed control. You very rarely ended up spinning out, always in control. Great line choices too.
Thanks for sharing, and can’t wait to see more with helmet cams, etc.

nice one man, looks like an awesome amount of fun! cant wait to have enough money to get a similar setup…

two words…GO PRO!

i just got myself one over christmas and i cant wait to film some muni with it.

nice vid man, loved it.