Jacob Spera: FreeRide 2013

Here is my 2013 freeride video! A year in the making and a lot of blood sweat and tears went into this film. Hopefully 2014 will be as kind to me as 2013 was :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas from Colorado!

Hope everyone has happy holidays :slight_smile:

Sweet sweet sweet. Your riding is so smooth. I bet that full-face comes in handy a lot. You just need someone to follow you around and film you now.

Now your 2012 freeride video is my second favorite! I wish you an injury free year and lots of riding! Can you share the locations of the trails you’re riding in this video? I’m also curious about your hand position on the brake. Do you have your thumb on top? Do you exert any downward pressure on the handle?

Jacob: Good move making “friends” with the full face helmet and the protective gear,

That helmet might be the only real friend you have, because a real friend would talk you out of trying some of these stunts not film it : )…resist the dark side of unicycling or a powerful Jedi you may never become, ummmh.

Anyway, nough of that, cool video thanks for posting. Merry Christmas, I think you are moderately insane : )

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all the locations in this video are around where I live in Pueblo, Colorado. The lines filmed arent really trails. Granted I did carve some small sections into the hill side to help guide me down the hill in the direction I wanted to go.

My hand position on the handle is pretty standard. I use my pointer finger to hold the lever and the rest of my hand is wrapped around the handle. Very rarely do I have to push down on the handle, when I am pressing on the brake too hard I have to do this. To prevent that from happening I always try to make small turns to slow me down.

hahaha yes the full face helmet is my best friend when I ride! It has saved me a few times when im out testing my fate

I tried to edit this later, since it could be misread. I was just saying it would be cool to get some movement in your shots! Loved your compositions and editing. You can even make some home-rigs to remote trigger and send your camera slowly across slider bars and such, since I see you’re by yourself all the time!

Awesome dude! That steep loose stuff is so hard to ride on.


I use to worry about that stuff a lot. Now I just really want to focus on my riding and as long as I have a good static shot then im good. I already carry too much gear with me as it is and filming lines like these alone is a challenge. Some of the lines in this video took many hours to setup and film. The usual way that I will film is that I will go to google earth and find big valley systems that i can hike to. I then will go out with a shovel and hopefully be able to carve some things into the hill side. The next step is bring the camera gear with me and filming the line. I have a lot of fun with the finished product and it brings me a deep satisfaction when I see it on film. While doing all of that I hate it, there is so much work just to get a small section of a video. Either way I am very happy with the finished product and cant wait to get started on the new video :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

I hope you’re carrying a foldable, shovel!

It can be so draining doing that back-and-forth between camera and start position, and ending up with all that extra, and mostly useless, footage. Probably the majority of your energy is spent on the actual production, and less on riding! Thankfully your riding and production are both fantastic. It’s tough when you’re the one doing all the work for video.

Looking forward to your next video.

My favorite part was the fails at the start. :roll_eyes: They help make people realize that you fall off a lot.

hahahaha yeahhh falling happens quite often. Never anything too bad luckily :slight_smile:


This summer son. This. Summer.

I’m really glad you put that iconic faceplant shot in, you just know that clip is going to follow you around for the rest of your life whether you like it or not :smiley: