Jacob Spera & Colby Thomas street jam

Colby came down to my place for a few days and we had a couple of problems but we got some footage in :wink:

Hope you enjoy it!

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1273-JacobSperaColbyThomasstreetsessionjam
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1273.jacobsperacolbythomasstreetsessionjam.mp4


Great vid guys! Great riding and filming. What’s up with the quality though??? The render is horrible!

yeah i liked it too but it was kinda bad quality… but colby!!! was that a 5 flip off the pallets?

Sony doesnt do mp4’s to well sadly and thats the format for UTV

on the bright side UTV doesnt take down the music and its about a billion times faster to upload to! :smiley:

And that was a quad off of the death stack haha :wink:


great as always!
loved colby’s flips and jacob’s flights (those are not jumps anymore for me :P). and grinds were also impressive!


ps. how can You fly so far … ?!

Loving this vid, my slow ass net hasn’t loaded the whole thing, but loving so far. Awesome street video. Nothing crazy in it, but has a cool feel and its real street, so I dig. Love your up grinds too Jacob.

Oooooosh Colby, backflip up :D. And I liked your smooth half rev down the set, half rev pedal into grind. Sweet. Smooth.

I really enjoyed that! Nice to see a street video, and the two of you in the same video makes for a lot of variety!

wow, i love it!

when i saw you grinding this rail up i jizzed my pants…Oo … on the first view it seemed physically not possible … i will go on jizzing … nice thing love it

Wow, sick riding guys!!! Awesome stuff.

omg this vid is so incredible dudes! i was super disappointed when i realized the last min was nothing :stuck_out_tongue:
colbys stuff was sooooooooooooooooo clean! and you’re both getting so good at rolling hops… this vid makes me want to start practicing rolling hops.

great vid!

I love it guys, Jacobs massive 24 + Colbys tech makes a really refreshing video. One of you should’ve grinded the whole rail on the 4 flat 4, I bet you could get it and it would be sickkk. Can’t wait for NAUCC :heart:

really nice guys :slight_smile: some many nice lines in there. really enjoyed it

Thanks, everyone!

Jacob has really changed my riding :smiley: I’m getting into the more old school kind of street :smiley: But I’ll still keep my techiness up :smiley: