Jacob Spera 24inch street

Here is some footage from the past few months. I have been quite busy so i havent been able to film all that i wanted to.

Big thanks to Mad4one.com and Unicycle.tv for all the help that they have given me :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy!

:astonished: big!!!

up handrail and curled handrail were sickkkk and double 4 set was really amazing
big wheel street!


that gaps were so sick!! :astonished:

Dude, that was insane!

man! you are crazy :slight_smile: very big street!

The first words out of my mouth at the end of that video were “Holy shit…”

The grind up the handrail was my favorite clip, and it was just amazing. You’re breaking barriers in street riding :wink: Keep it up, this is my favorite video as of now.

:astonished: Awesome man! I don’t know all the technical names for everything you just did but they were pretty special!

=) you made my day

Sick stuff! Watching it again :P.

Wow! That was unbelievable! Everything was huge! And grinding up a handrail is probably one of the coolest street moves yet!

Insane dude!
You are so creative and good on that wheel size.
The up grind thing on 01:47 was so sick, just not normal man!:smiley:


Jacob this is so sick, I don’t even know what to say. Looks like 24s are going to be the future of big street. How big was the set that you doubled and hopped the rail?

Jacob Spera! I told you to just release it! As hard on yourself as you are, dude you’re incredible. You’re setting the standard for YEARS to come. I’m in love with your 24inch my friend. I’m so happy you live close and we have GOT to ride soon!! :smiley: You’re not only an amazing rider but a solid bro. Love ya dude!

Awesome skills !!! I really enjoyed that, and so great to see a 24" used for street.

dood, crazy…almost up there with cedric :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

the set that i doubled and hopped over the rail was a three set

Im glad you also enjoyed the video, i wasnt to sure if people were going to like how did the different angles.

Thanks once again :slight_smile:

I think this is totally different than Cedric :stuck_out_tongue: He’s incredible, but Jacob sets the standards of his own different style of riding.