Jacob & Ryan: Northshore trails

Here is a video that I made with Ryan Kremsater. First time for myself riding the shore and it was amazing, best time of my life on one wheel! The edit was tedious, had over 70gbs of footage to seep through. Also one more thing that made this video interesting for me is that it does not capture the true “feeling” of the shore. Not only is the riding tough, but so is the filming at the shore. many lessons learned on this trip.


One of the best muni vids out there!

That was awesome!!! Are y’all going to make it to NAUCC?

Not even in my wildest (muni) dreams :astonished:

Awesomely brilliant fierce and fearless ‘riding’!!! The unicycle seems to be serving as a gravity interference device for both of you. Can’t be real?


I most likely won’t be going this year. I loved the northshore too much so I will be going back and im limited to one trip this summer to money issues haha.

Thanks for all the comments guys! :slight_smile:

This is definitely one of the best muni videos ever.

Amazing. I hope someday I’m 1/10th as competent on a uni.

How do you go from a huge drop with a tricky landing straight onto a crooked skinny with only a few revs in between? Amazing precision :slight_smile:

That was my thoughts when I very first saw trails like this! Ryan is a master at this and is a sight to see ride :slight_smile:

The northshore is full of “stunts” such as this. One of the most unique places to ride I believe.

That’s one of my favorite muni videos now. Very exciting stuff!

That’s sick :astonished:

Awwweeeeeeeesooommmmeeee! :astonished:

Thanks Everyone! It means a lot to know you like it!

Wow…you guys got the mad skills. I’m jealous but happy for you to have the ability to ride like that…it’s impressive and inspiring when the envy wears off : )

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Mind blowing video… as always the filming makes it look easy, the only way I can tell parts are really hard is occasionally Ryan hesitates before doing something :slight_smile:

Insane riding by both of you. Thanks for sharing.

Just WOW! Amazing! Inspiring! Very PRO! Very impressed!

:astonished: :smiley: :astonished:

I finally have a new vid over KH’s Freeride vid to show potential new riders. (Relatively short, big stunts and fast paced)

Is that a prototype M4-1 disc hub?
I bet the disk’s smoother breaking contributed Ryan’s faster riding over that terrain than in prev vids. (None of your Muni vids that I’ve seen didn’t appear to be this tech, but, u seemed to go a bit faster than Ryan :sunglasses: :o to me)

Yupp its the prototype Mad4One disc hub! Such a lovely hub out there. I didnt have any issues with it and even bashed my disc a few times. Also I was using 135s for cranks so the disc helps there massively! I think the speed you get with the shorter cranks helps out a lot and the disc slows you down. The perfect match

Ryan was wayyyy faster!! I have no clue how he can ride those trails like he does :stuck_out_tongue:

Ryan started using a disc and said that it helped out his riding a lot though! Im a firm believer with disc brakes making your riding faster :slight_smile: