Jacob Reesor October 2008

This is my video for October hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:


-Youtube -


Youtube is down right now i think. Everytime i go there it instantly changes me language to italian.

Really cool style. Although your stats aren’t massive yet, you have some really good control.

It wasn’t working. It is now.
Cool video, you’re getting better

In my riding, there was a specific time where I went from not tucking, to massive tucking. Right now, my tucking is as much as it can possibly go. When you reach that level, you’ll be pushing 25-26 inches like me.

Keep it up, that level is just on the horizon.

Your tucking isn’t as much as it can possibly go

I enjoyed it and i thought the music went well

nice video
and really like the song:D

verry good jacob best yet… only if my video had as many comments as yours ( its 2 month trials ) :smiley:

Yeah I washed it your video Micheal

Also thanks everybody for the comments and advice:D


I love this vid. Everything was perfect…everything.

I can’t wait until the spring to ride some trials together.

Personally, I think this vid deserves more comments.


Great vid :smiley:

dang your gonna be a big hopper. i can see it already.

Hey… Nice vid…
How long time have you been riding…?
Ain’t that isaac’s old KH.?:smiley:

Thanks I have been riding for like a year and 3 months aroun there :slight_smile:

nice… i’ve only been riding for bout 10 months now and i can do a 80 cm sidehop:D… is that much for 10 months…?


sorry for my english… it’ll be better:D

Wow do you have any video’s

  • And Thanks again everybody for the comments :wink:

Yeah thats really good,keep at it

cool you took this thread up again… I have not increased my sidehop-level much since then… now it’s at 90 cm, but I will hopefully hit 100cm soon
ps. have been riding exactly 13 months now;)