Jacob Reesor - August 2008

This is my video for August 2008 hope you like

-please leave feedback

-Jacob :slight_smile:

Very well done. I like the broken step, although I’m sure someone isn’t happy.

Nice Riding, you happen to be Isaac’s Cousin?

yes we are cousins

I enjoyed watching, good job ;)!

Good editing, made it an enjoyable vid, how long have you been riding?

Ya jacob that was sweet i always love your videos
i like the broken step “ahhh thats not good” lol:p
nice vid

ya I started around June 2007

haha intro made me laugh keep up the good riding

Good video Jacob.

Try to use less fades to black transistions though. Just don’t use a transistion on every clip.

But awesome vid. No protection these days eh? :wink:


I would of used shin pads but the day I wanted to make the video my shin pads were in my moms car and she was at work.

Nice video

Nice video jacob cant wait for your september video!!!