Jacob and Colby - NAUCC 2011

Jacob came over for a week before NAUCC to film for the video competition, here’s what we were able to film :smiley: Enjoy!


youtube-vimeo please!!!

Two awesome street riders :slight_smile:

awesome guys :slight_smile: some fantastic gaps and lines in there! loving the caught flips colby, nice change from flipping the cranks all the way untill you land :stuck_out_tongue: sort of missed that part in this video too though, good to see that you can do everything wonderfully i suppose :slight_smile:

keep up the great work!

Awesome video! i love the gaps on the 24"! Huge. and colby, as always u impress me every time.

So good. Colby, your tricks are huge and Jacob, those gaps on the 24 are immense!

What’s the song, Colby??

Edit: And also, sick video, and you both know I love you guys :wink:

Kickstarts (Bar9 Remix) by Example
And like I said before, I love this. Not too long, not too short. Also, I really like the shake thing that happens at the end of some clips.

Colby loving the caught flips and Jacob your gaps are insane. Nice editing and filming too!

Awesome! I love the combination of 20" and 24" riding!