Jacky Movie with Cleden and Elliot

13 1/2 years old Elliot Hofman from France did that great Street / Flatland video. He ride together with Cleden (17) who did some impressive street stuff. So take time for JackyMovie

The HQ wmv file (250 MB) is here, the Flash version (50 MB) here
Vimeo here


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a steezy big street rider. I was incredibly impressed by the guy riding (what seemed to be) a shameless. The flatland was good as well.

I loved it! nice editing, riding, and I loved the sidespins out of the flat combos!

Nice to see more Switch (productions) stuff.

I am fine it is long, there hasn’t been a long flat vid for a while, and I was waiting to see more flat after Rom’s friends flat session.

WowE, that was awesome. Great video. My favorite parts: fakie rolling wrap and the trip over the bench, hahha that was great.

Pretty good stuff. I liked the ridiculously long combo at 3:30. Long combos are so cool!

that post was insanely bent.

The in-in tre off the table was hawt too. I wan’t to try that one out.

Great video. Heaps of good tricks. The flatland was awesome.

That was the best vid in a while. Loved the big street, and the flat land was impressive to.

First Class as always

very nicely done! a bit on the long side, but with such intense riding…who cares:D

that was really entertaining !! great street and flat, love the trey backflip and the full varial flips are awesome. also the in to in trey down the 3 stair and off the table were awesome as well. overall it was fantastic, length was really good too as not much was repeated alot of different tricks and locations!! nice work :smiley:

Hot. I would have prefered it without the flatland to be honest.

Big street is where its at.

Lol your a bit behind bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Still, I’d like to see your one-handed version. kinda jelous of that…

awsome… i liked it! great skills and also goog editing!

Amazing flat. Some lines were really cool, so much flow. Eliot is going to make an amazing rider when he gets 17+.

just because I haven’t tried it doesn’t mean i can’t do it…

I rarely sess tables…